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The history of this house ...

Founded  in the late  18 th century, in 1796,  this is today the oldest establishment in the city. Of Braga.

It was created to  produce the famous  "FRIGIDEIRAS" and  it has retained the original recipe until today.  The authentic, true and genuine FRIGIDEIRAS are made here.

The famous Portuguese writer Júlio Diniz mentions this delicious meat pastry in his novel about Portuguese evenings,  “Serões da Província”.

This establishment has been refurbished several times throughout the centuries, and it was completely rebuilt in 1954. The latest refurbishment look place in 1997 and revealed important arquaeological findings from the Roman era, in the 2nd and 3rd centuries. These ruins are part of the ancient Romen city Bracara Augusta and can be seen from the interior  of the premises.

In 1999 Frigideiras do Cantinho was  awarded the prize “ Galardões da Nossa Terra”, which recognises Portuguese Traditions, for its.

Frigideiras do Cantinho are an “ex-libris” of this city , enjoyed by both inhabitants and visitors.

In 2000, when we commemorate the Bimillenium of the of  Braga, Frigideiras do Cantinho has decided to celebrate its own anniversary with the confeccion of a cake of Roman tradition.

The recipe of this sweet was adapted from the cookery book, of  the Roman era (De recoqinaria), whose authorship is attributed to Apício, who, we know, was born around 25 aC.

Among the ingredients of this recipe are included different types of food of Mediterranean origin, such as dried fruit, wine, honey and spices, besides eggs and milk.

On enjoyed this cake  you will certainly have the pleasure of reviving the taste and the memory of some of our traditional sweets, which proves time has preserved theses culinary secrets…

Frigideiras do Cantinho (Braga)
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Casa fundada em 1796

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